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Copyright Claims

Report instances of copyright infringement by submitting a claim to the admin via the provided contact form, using the word 'Copyright' in the subject and supplying any necessary details.

Cookie Technologies

First and third party cookies are stored on your computer through the Miceli Works website to allow functionality of required features such as user account access, payment processing, preference storage, captcha security and analytical reporting. Remove all stored cookies by seleting 'Leave Website' within the cookie banner, which will subsequently redirect you to Google's homepage.

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GDPR & Your Information

  • Miceli Works is collecting user and usage information any time a login, submit, post, upload, download or request action is made by the user.
  • Information is being collected strictly for the purposes of enabling & enhancing provided funcionality and security
  • Personal data which is provided by the user is stored until the user decides to remove it; at which point it is immediatly removed from live storage.
  • User data is removed 30 days after a request to delete an account.
  • Backups are stored for 90 days before being purged.
  • Information regarding various requests you make such as when logging in or paying may be shared with third party provides such a Google and Stripe for the purposes of processing and security.
  • All of your identifiable and personal data is stored within the European Union.
  • You have a right to download a copy of your data stored with Miceli Works. This feature is provided within your account settings, requiring your current password for retrieval.
  • You have the right to lodge a complaint with a Data Protection Authority (DPA).
  • Automatied decision making processes are used to determine security risk and possibly deny login access to the website on these grounds.

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